Mealtimes reflect UK family life

Image copyright Sian Davey

The definition of a family can range from a conventional household component to multi-generational life and single parenting.

Sian Davey has travelled the UK showing that there is no “typical” family by photographing people at mealtimes.

One such clas are the Chadwicks. Tom, the parent of Roo and Peter, was labor as relevant actors in London before he moved to Devon six years ago.

“I’d started to yearn for a most simple life, ” Tom says. He bought a caravan and leased out their own families residence for the summer.

From where the caravan is now parked, it’s a short step down to the beach. “You wake up, you get breakfast. You go to the beach and learn to channel-surf, then you come home, cleaning process and think about dinner, ” he says.