Bambino app helps parents find babysitters recommended by their neighbors

Parenting young children involves a lot of logistics, including what to do with them when you need to run a last-minute errand, go to an appointment or merely got a few hours to decompress. For parents who don’t have friends or relatives they can call on for babysitting, it is feasible ticklish. Bambino wants to help by connecting mothers with nearby babysitters who have already been recommended by their friends and neighbors.

The iOS and Android app, which is free to sign up for, is actively participating in 35 metropolis and structure networks in another 15. The Santa Monica-headquartered startup is now hiring community managers with the goal of adding five brand-new communities every month. It currently has about 20,000 users in total, fractioned relatively evenly between parents and babysitters, says founder and chief executive officer Sean Greene.

Greene decided to start working on a babysitter app after a fruitless night spent calling people to watch his minors so he could go out after a long era at work. While driving home, he realized that there had to be a lot of adolescents and young adults living in his vicinity who wanted babysitting chores, but he didn’t know how to connect with them.

Besides the usual word-of-mouth referrals, many parents rely on, the biggest website for babysitters and nannies, or posts on Nextdoor’s private social networks for vicinities. Bambino combines the two ideas in one: it tells parents find nearby babysitters who have already sat for people they know, saving them hour without relinquishing their peace of mind.

Parents “shouldn’t have to feel guilty for craving some free time, and we shouldn’t have to pay tons of fund for a professional nanny assistance to help out on occasion, ” Greene says. “I started Bambino because I wanted to find good, honest, trustworthy babysitters in and around my vicinity that your best friend had utilized, and it’s worked.”

Bambino, nonetheless, is far from the only babysitting app out there. A couple of the very best known ones include UrbanSitterand SitterCity, but Greene claims that they don’t “emulate the tried and true method of expecting a friend or neighbor” as well as Bambino does.

“UrbanSitter and SitterCity are principally position committees, ” he says. “Parents post a profession, random baby-sitters view those jobs and is in relation to ones they are interested in and parents can choose from those that applied. It’s like posting on Craigslist or Monster.”

Instead of creating a posting on Bambino, mothers pick who verify their babysitting askings. When parents search for a babysitter on the app, its kinds outcomes by baby-sitters they already know, baby-sitters who their friends know and finally by distance.

In order to use Bambino to note babysitting gigs, baby-sitters need to sign up with their Facebook profiles and already have a recommendation from person in all levels of society. Greene says babysitters also need to agree to reviews of their profiles for caliber and random checks of their social media footprint. Bambino has a payment tool that tracks the duration of a babysitting discussion and lets mothers send fund to babysitters, who placed their own paces, through the app.

“We have a moderately strict process for triggering baby-sitters and simply one-third of those that register actually become active, ” Greene says.

Babysitters on Bambino range in age from 13 to 60, but most are in their twenties and include college students and people with professions that give them the flexibility to take babysitting gigs. Bambino gives about one to three percent “Elite Sitter” designation, which they have achieved a five-star rating on enough bookings, insist a good reliability rating, react promptly to petitions and have recommendations from active Bambino customers. Elite Sitters also need to pass a formal background check paid for by Bambino and be at least 18.

“Bambino was founded on the principle that we generally trust persons living around us, ” Greene says. “As neighbors, we rely on each other. We are creating a private social network around neighborhood childcare and we’re doing so with all of the modern convenience factors of a mobile app. Unlike with, at Bambino, we try to keep it personal.”

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