Former Priest Homeless After Splitting With 24-Year-Old Husband Days After Buying The Model A New Apartment

A withdrew priest who married a Romanian male model 54 years his junior is now homeless and burst after all separate — DAYS after buying the 24 -year-old an apartment.

Retired Rev Philip Clements was branded a “Judas” by neighbourhood parishioners after he announced plans to marry Florin Marin earlierthis year.

Clergymen are prohibited from play-act or enrolling same-sex matrimonies under the Church of England governs — but that didn’t halting the 79 -year-old from tying the knot with his much younger guy, whom he met on an online dating site, back in April!

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Months later, the former district clergyman sold his home in Sandwich, Kent to buy his young husband an suite in Romania where the two could start a new life.

While their union started off well, happens soon went downhill after Clements grew isolated in Romania, a country where he had few friends and did not speak the language.

The straw that broke the former priest’s back, nonetheless, was when Florin told Clements he was too old to exit clubbing with him. Just periods after Clements sided Florin over the keys to his Bucharest apartment in August, the pair had an dispute and split up.

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Now Clements is back in the UK staying with friends, where he remains interrupted and homeless.

Florin, on the other hand, has already moved on to a brand-new sugar daddy, 48 -year-old Jeronimo Jesus de Vega, whom the male example assures is younger and “more wealthy” than his estranged husband.

So sad, predominantly for the elder. We hope the former priest determines happiness as he is finally able to be his true self.

[ Image via BBC .]