First Date From Hell! Woman Accused Of Drunkenly Damaging $1 Million Worth Of Fine Art!

What’s the worst happening a first appointment has ever done to you? If it’s less than $300 K worth of damage, Tony Buzbee might have you beat.

The wealthy Houston lawyer went on a date with national courts reporter identified Lindy Lou Layman over the weekend during which he alleges she got entirely hammered.

When he tried to call the 29 -year-old an Uber, attorneys say the 29 -year-old hid inside the house before eventually doing massive amounts of damage.

Among the accusations in the crime criminal misbehaviour accusation are hurling two sculptures, spouting red wine on artwork, and tearing depicts off the wall — including 2 Andy Warhol originals valued at $500 K EACH!

According to Buzbee, Layman also “pulled a Renoir and a Monet off the wall” — though thankfully he says they were not damaged.

Layman posted $30,000 bail and is due back in courtroom on January 9.

Nowhere in the court certificates is a reason held for Layman to be so destructive towards the 49 -year-old’s property, but we can safely acquire there won’t be a second date.

[ Image via Houston Police Department .]