These stackable, light-up blocks will make you nostalgic for your Lite-Brite days

Image: Light Stax

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Parents everywhere agree: Stepping on a Lego is the absolute worst.

The frustration that happens when teenagers refuse to clean up their dolls is far too common, especially when the toys are the thousands of tiny portions. So what if we told you there’s a toy your girls will actually crave to get off the storey?

Meet Light Stax, the stackable light-up building block that can double as a DIY lamp or darknes light.

Similar to the technique of Legos, Light Stax click on top of each other to structure any shape your little one’s mentality can imagine. And that’s where the magical happens.

Image: light stax

Available in six colors, the obstructs light up once they click together and can then work in tandem to act as a DIY lamp or nightlight. Your minors will want to display their homemade creation so badly, leaving a messy stockpile of blockings on the flooring simply won’t be an option.

Numerous expansion packs are available, so the possibilities genuinely never have to end. Get Light Stax with jam-packs starting at $30 here.

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