13 weird ways parents get children to sleep

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption New year and knackered? Please, please go to sleep …

Exhausted after Christmas and the brand-new time? Are you imploring a few more hours in couch? Are you a parent whose sleepless children are leaving you a sleep-starved wreck?

These epoches in early January are claimed as the darkest eras for sleep deprivation.

The modern barometer for such moments – the number of Google searches – testifies “child won’t sleep” as reaching a worldwide top of rummages at this time of year.

You can just imagine those weary fingers tapping out the words, slumped over a mobile phone in the middle of the night, hoping for an answer.

New year zombies

Children are more cabled than Maplin’s shop window. They’ve been living on late nighttimes, red-eyed computer game and party food and the the opportunities of falling asleep are pretty much zero.