What Im really thinking: the deaf parent

I worry Im stopping my child from having “peoples lives” yours have

What’s going on? Am I missing out on something? Or should I say on something else: all the opportunities for small-talk that might make me feel more comfy and self-confident in asking if young children wants to come to ours for tea, because our girls are friends. I am deceived. I experience the opening gambit has been lost.

My audiologist is great. He tries everything, but it’s about how the brain processes the reduced amount of resound I get, which is about half what anybody else might hear. Lip-reading goes only so far. I’d swap my limb for your hearing. Or my leg. It depends what epoch it is and how many times I’ve had to get someone else to answer my phone. Or how many times I’ve had to ask the woman in the supermarket to repeat herself, simply to realise she’s asking if I have a loyalty card, as she has every other time I’ve been at her till. As a single father, I’m in the shop a lot.

I think everybody else is pals, and even if I know this is fallacious and laughable, it still bothers me. I can see fractures after a couple of years, anyway. People who have excised themselves from cliques, brand-new ones brewing. I’m good at reading people’s faces, but I’d rather know what they were all going on about.

I worry I’m stopping my child from having “peoples lives” yours have. I worry I won’t pick up on something he says, and he won’t repeat it because he’s embarrassed or tired. Could he miss out on a school trip because of me? Will he tell me about his job, because it takes so long? Maybe I’ll miss a evidence that he’s being bullied, or not get the punchline to his jokes. It’s exhausting, because I’m deaf all the time. I even reverie in mumbles.

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